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2019 Fashion Trends From The Experts

What The Experts Say About Women’s Fashion Trends in 2019 Chiara and Gloria Piscedda, Fashion Designers of ChiGlo, says “We think that long and tiered dresses – an expression of romanticism and femininity – will remain a huge trend for 2019. We also predict that pure all-white outfits, which effortlessly make sophistication come alive, as well as the blazer, an element that adds character and is capable of transforming every look, will be very popular go-to choices in the upcoming season.” Heather Loduca, fashion stylist and personal shopper, says “BEIGE is the biggest colour, and wearing full monochromatic outfits with the colour is how to execute this trend. Soft suiting (matching pants and jacket with a loose almost athleisure fit) is huge...

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Business Attire Tips For Women

Work-at-home moms and solo business owners still need to dress for success. Here are tips for the right attire for business functions and meetings. Read More:  

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